Services & Pricing

Coaching & Consultation

Whether you’re writing a book and stuck, or the book is done and you’re stalled with your ads, we can help.

  • Creative Consultation: $50/hour. We’ll get on Zoom with you, and talk through whatever has you stalled in your story.
  • Ads & Keyword Consultation: Price dependent on scope and need. Do you want to connect your blurb to your advertising? Do you know the details of how to run ads on Facebook, Amazon, or BookBub, but struggle with picking keywords and audiences, or analyzing if your ads are effective? This is where we come in. Allyson Lindt has been a data analyst in her other job for more than a decade, and can help simplify and drill down your data, to take the frustration out of the numbers side of things.
  • “More than Two” Consultation: $50/hour. Are you following the trends, or simply loving the idea of writing books with more than 2 people getting their happily ever after? You’re hearing terms like Reverse Harem, Poly Romance, MMF, MFM, and you don’t know which direction is right for you? We can help you figure out what it all means and what direction to head in for your goals.

Blurb Services

You wrote a book, and now you need to convince someone to buy it in under 250 words. Whether you’ve got a blurb you want to refine and make shine, or you don’t know where to start, we can help.

  • Refine an existing blurb: $50 (up to 3 revisions included)
  • Write your blurb from scratch: $100 (up to 5 revisions included)
  • Update blurbs for your entire series: Starting at $100 for 3 books, and an additional $25/book after that. (example: 5 books would be $150)



 Your book is done, edited, and ready to publish, but you need it in the right format to upload it to vendor sites. Whether you’re looking for basic ebook formatting, or an intricate paperback layout, we can help. 

Ebooks are formatted in Vellum, and we do provide you the Vellum file, so you can make edits in the future.

  • Basic ebook formatting (includes up to 6 vendor specific epub files, and a mobi file, plus vendor specific backmatter): $50
  • Basic ebook plus paperback (includes all of the above, plus a pdf file for printing formatted to your trim specifications): $60
  • Ebook plus custom print chapter headers (includes ebook services, plus a pdf file for printing, including custom chapter headers): $100
  • Ebook plus extra print extras. If you’re looking to take your print book to the next level, with chapter overlays, black pages, or something else, we’re here to discuss pricing.
  • Box Sets (single or multi-author) add an additional $5/book
  • Updates to an existing project. If we did past formatting for you, and you need to change links or make other changes, reach out and we’ll discuss pricing.



So you’ve written the book and need a fresh set of eyes to make sure it shines. We’ve got you covered. 

  • $0.008/word for substantive editing
  • $0.005/word for copy editing
  • $0.005/word for proofreading
  • We also provide a comprehensive editing package, which includes substantive and copy edits, at $0.012/word.

We provide a free two-page sample edit.



Ready to take your book to the next level?