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Sassy Aces?

A Cover is Only One Piece

You’ve got an amazing cover that tells the world check out my book, but…

Make Readers Look Inside

A reader wants to know what your book is about. You need a killer hook, with an on-point synopsis, that leaves them with the need to look inside…

Keep Their Eye Moving

Formatting should be both invisible and compelling. You need typesetting that draws the reader’s eye from one page to the next, because…

Your Words are Your Art

You’ve written an amazing story. A solid edit will keep readers glued to the page until the very end, rather than having them scratching their head at spelling and continuity errors.


We’re Allyson & Sotia, and we want your book to shine

Between the two of us, we have nearly twenty years of publishing experience in both the indie and small press worlds. We know writing the book is only the first of many steps, and it’s nearly impossible for one person to do it all. Once you’ve caught a reader’s attention with great marketing and a fantastic cover, you want to make sure they stick around to read your book.

Quality edits put that final finishing polish on your written work of art.


Blurb Services

A hooky blurb tells a reader you’re going to love this and makes them look inside your book.


Are you stuck in your story and need to help figuring out what happens next? Or maybe you’ve got your book ready to market, and you know want to run ads, but you just need a little help figuring out who to target and how to tell if those ads are effective… We can help.


Great formatting helps a reader forget they’re in a book, and sucks them into your story.


Quality edits keep a reader immersed in your story. They’re the sparkling finish on your work of art.

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