Book-trailer Prices

  • $100 for stills only – up to 5 stills
  • $125 for stills & video mix – 2 stills and 3 videos, or 3 stills and 2 videos
  • $175 for all video – up to 5 videos

Each trailer runs for approx 1 minute, and includes text, publisher / author logo, music and book cover.
Price includes up to 2 major revisions (images / music) and up to 3 minor revisions (text / fonts etc). Further revisions subject to negotiation.
Introduce another customer and you both get a $25 discount off your next trailer.

Editing Prices

  • $0.004/word for substantive editing
  • $0.003/word for copy editing
  • $0.003/word for proofreading

We also provide a comprehensive editing package, at $0.008/word.

We provide a free two-page sample edit.

Note: We’re booked for edits up to November.

Formatting Prices

  • $40 for Kindle format
  • $50 for print (includes Kindle format)
  • $50 for Smashwords (includes Kindle format)
  • $55 for print, Smashwords, and Kindle

For anthology/multi-book sets, there’s an additional $5 per book.

We provide a MSWord doc and pdf, and also provide an epub file with the Smashwords version.

Graphics Prices

  • $40 for any promotional-material template based on your cover or artwork you can provide
  • $60 for any promotional-material template including 3 images provided by us
  • $80 for a complete e-Book cover, including 3 images provided by us
  • $60 for a complete e-Book cover, if you provide the images used

The price for the paperback cover is an additional $20, if we’re designing your e-Book cover. Prices include up to 5 substantial revisions, as well as unlimited revisions with respect to fonts and/or placement of author name and title. Prices are negotiable in the case of series/repeat orders.

initial response within 24 hours.
One-week turn-around time for formatting and design services.
Turn-around time for editing services is a week per 12-15K words.
Book trailers are completed within 10 days, subject to revisions.
Payment is made 50% up front and the remaining 50% upon delivery, via PayPal.